Ronald Reagan was POTUS, Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson topped the charts. A spunky personal computer company makes an incredible Super Bowl commercial.

1984 wasn't like '1984' ~ big time.

BananaPaint lets you relive those days when life was simpler, and using a computer with mouse and windows was definitely thinking different.

BananaPaint is an homage, and labor of love; it painstakingly recreates one of the most groundbreaking applications of the last century, fixes some bugs, and bridges the past to the present with many cool modern features savvy users expect of a cutting edge iOS App.


  • •  Classic Paint Features - BananaPaint is a very faithful clone of the original.

  • •  Camera Access - Allows you to take a picture and import it directly into BananaPaint.

  • •  Photos - Pull images from your Photos library.

  • •  Print - Save your creations for the world to see.

  • •  Documents - Save & Open original MacPaint documents!


  • •  any iPad
  • •  Requires iOS 8.0 or higher

   Available on the iTunes® App Store
   $1.99 for a limited time