Software Development / Management Services

Along with our in-house creative application development, Amalgamated Coders offers cutting edge iOS, Macintosh, and Android software development, with the highest of quality and rapid delivery.
We can manage complete product solutions, from idea to shrink-wrap...
You can just spec it, and forget it.

If you would like to receive a quote for a project, contact us and we’ll perform a scalable miracle or two.

Technologies we enjoy exploiting:

iOS • iPhone®, iPad®, AppleTV®, AppleWatch®
  iPhone development is our primary focus. We have been shipping commercial apps with Objective-C since 1991, and iPhone apps since 2008.
You will not find a more experienced developer shop anywhere. Over half a century of commercial Objective-C coding under our belts.
If you have an idea that will rock the mobile world, we want to develop it for you.
We have experience in applications that make use of REST, Bluetooth LE, CoreAudio, CoreVideo, CoreData, CoreLocation, accelerometer, social networking, Augmented Reality, nothing is impossible.
Let's make it happen!

Macintosh Applications
  Mac OS software is in our blood. We've been developing for the platform since 1984, on the first 128K Macintoshes. We've paid our dues, and dedicated our craft to designing the best software, with the latest technologies, on the best platform on the planet.

  Do you have a Bluetooth device that you want an iPhone or Mac OS application written? We can do that!

  Since 1988 we've been pushing pixels. Scanners, cameras, video, printers, output devices, high res, low res, medical, documents, if it deals with dots, we can write your application.

  Audio/Video project due too soon? Need custom software to edit/enhance/correct/chew through reels of .mov files? We're extra quick with QuickTime.

USB drivers
  Do you have a cool USB device just itching to run on the Macintosh? We've mastered the black art since 1998.