About Us

Amalgamated Coders Inc is a friendly co-op of developers with a combined Macintosh development experience of over a century. (and as much iPhone experience as you can muster)

We currently are remotely scattered throughout the west coast states, but primarily originated in Southern California, 'congealing' in the mid 80's. We all share a love for well engineered Macintosh software, and the majority of us started in 1984, developing Macintosh software on Lisa computers. Over the years, we've used Macsbug, TMON, Lightspeed Pascal, Lightspeed C, MPW, Think C, Codewarrior, XCode, and yes, even stopping to ship NeXTStep applications.

Some of us have actually worked, too! Having gained experience in small mom-n-pop shops, along with Apple, RealNetworks, Harte Hanks, Microsoft, and Google, we currently devote our lives to making really cool software.

And since this is the Mac OS and iOS we're talking about, we're beyond bleeding edge current - testing out Apple's OSes and SDKs before our customers do.

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