TwinShot3D - 30 second manual


The overall concept of TwinShot3D is to take two pictures: what the "Left Eye" sees and what the "Right Eye" sees, and combine them into one picture.
Just combining the photos would result in a blurry mess - the problem is both eyes will see both pictures. We need each eye to only see their respective image. To enable this, we colorize each image in a special way, before merging them. Now, when viewed with red/blue anaglyph glasses, each eye gets the proper image, and stereoscopic vision is emulated.

Taking the shot

The goal is to take two pictures approximately at the same level, and the same direction, but separated by roughlt the distance between human eyes.
Using TwinShot3D effectively is pretty easy; with very little practice you can achieve stunning results. Since you are taking two successive pictures, a scene with a lot of motion isn't going to turn out well.

Let's begin...

Click the •⇦ button.

You will be prompted to take a picture with the standard iPhone camera control.

After you are satisfied with the shot, accept the photo with "Use Photo" button.
Now click the ⇨• button.

Then, while rotating the iPhone as little as possible, move the iPhone to the right approximately 3 inches (~7cm). Also, try to keep what had been centered in the first photo, centered in the second photo. After you take the second picture, you will see both pictures superimposed on each other. It will be blurry. That's OK.

Now, touch on the image and drag. The right image will be moving under your finger, as the left image stays fixed. The goal is to now align the left and right image on one feature in the scene, usually something between foreground and background, and central to the scene tends to work best.
In this example, the circular sign on the wall was aligned for minimum 'blurriness'.

Almost done! the last thing you have to do is to click the "3D" button, to composite the scene.

You now have an extremely cool 3D image taken on your iPhone. Click the save button, and it will be added to your iPhone's Photos.

Happy 3D Photographing!

TwinShot3D FAQ

Q: Where Can I get glasses?
A: 3D Glasses from Rainbow Symphony sells really great glasses. Not only that, but if you send them a self addressed stamped envelope, they will give you a pair free. They are, simply stated, an unbelievably cool company.

Q: Can I take pictures of people?
A: Yes. The caveat is that because you are taking two pictures one after the other, it would be best if the subject(s) remained still between the Left and Right pictures.

Q: What about the 3D glasses we got free for that commercial a few sundays back?
A: That actually uses a different set of colors to separate the image. Those images will be creatable in a very near future version of TwinShot3D.

Q: TwinShot3D quits when I go back and retake the photos a few times. What's happening?
A: This is a known bug that slipped in a the last minute (as these things like to do). It has been fixed in version 1.0.1 that is now shipping. Please update the product.

Q: TwinShot3D has been freezing. What's happening?
A: We don't know exactly why this is happening, but it seems to be a low-memory condition brought on by having the phone on for extended periods of time. We have been hearing of this happening to other applications also. Version 1.1 alleviates most if not all the issues. If you are still having problems, please email us the steps you took, and if possible, how long your phone had been on. Then cycle the power to the iPhone.

Q: There seems to be a lot of clicks to get to what I want. What's up with that?
A: Agreed. Version 1.0.1 now will jump immediately to taking the Left picture, then the Right, without having to click anything, once you've dismissed the helper alerts. (We give you the benefit of the doubt, once you know what you are doing)