All the power of a handheld GPS device right on your iPhone 3G. With gpsPrime you get access to all your GPS data (location, speed, altitude, etc.), full mapping functionality, waypoints, and more, all in one low priced app.

Want to let a friend know where you are? Send them your current location as a Google Map link. If your friend has an iPhone or other web enabled cell phone, then can use their map to get right to you.

Regularly forget where you parked? No problem... Park your car, drop a Waypoint on your map. Later, use this waypoint to find exactly where you left your car.

Pilot small aircraft? You will appreciate that the gpsPrime detects the increased speed and adjusts the speedometers top speed.

Extensive customization to make it work for you. Want to use gpsPrime on your boat, just set your preferences to Nautical? Traveling, set your units to Metric. Like to use the Dashboard view in your car, customize the appearance to match your car's dashboard lighting color.


  • •  COMPASS - Displays a GPS compass (requires movement, not magnetic) and customizable GPS data fields, so you can pick the information you want displayed.

  • •  DASHBOARD - Provides a speedometer and common GPS data fields for road travel, such as Odometer, Trip Timer, Direction, Heading, Average Speed, etc.

  • •  MAP - Displays your current location and allows you to zoom and pan the map to see what is around you. You have access to Road, Satellite, Hybrid and Topographic maps. You can also add waypoints or start/stop tracking.

  • •  WAYPOINTS - View, manage or navigate to your recorded waypoints.

  • •  HOT or COLD - When navigating to a waypoint, Hot/Cold lets you know if you are getting closer or farther away. If you have your speaker on, it even gives an audible indicator.

  • •  NOTIFICATION - Email your current GPS coordinates, location, and/or waypoints. Waypoints are sent as enclosed GPX files.


  • •  iPhone 3G or iPhone GS with GPS capability
  • •  Requires iOS 3.0 or higher

  • * For recreational use only

Unfortunately, due to creative differences, gpsPrime is no longer available in the store.
Although gpsPrime was the first app of its kind, as time went on, it wasn't the only one.