gpsPrime - 30 second manual

Compass Tab:

    1. Edit - press this button to change gpsPrime's compass view settings and choose different data fields to display

    2. Current Waypoint Indicator - displayed when gpsPrime has a current waypoint - the direction relative to your current

    3. Tab Bar - access other gpsPrime features

Editing Compass View:

    4. Data Fields - select the data field you want to change (selection is displayed with a blue, dotted rectangle)

    5. Data Field Picker - choose the data type you want to display in the selected data field above

    6. Column Selector - allows you to switch between 2 columns, or 1 column

Daskboard Tab:

    7. Trip Timer - elapsed time of your current journey- resettable in Prefs Tab

    8. Waypoint Distance - distance to your current waypoint - settable in Waypoint Tab

Map Tab:

    9. Waypoint Button - press to drop waypoint at current location

    10. Map Type Selector - press to select different type of map

    11. Current Position Indicator - shows where the iPhone currently is

    12. Current Waypoint - green pin is 'current' point, red pins are other points

    13. Track Current Button - press to have map track GPS coordinates

    you can pinch/zoom and drag the map to view other locations. this will temporarily disable tracking. press Track Current Button to reenable auto tracking.

Preferences Tab (part 1):

    14. Waypoints Display - enables display of waypoints on the Map Tab

    15. Method - mode of travel- affects the scale of Hot & Cold Tab

    16. Reset - resets aggregate values, such as odometer, trip timer, and running averages

Preferences Tab (part 2):

    17. Color Selector - defines the UI color for text and waypoint indicator on Compass Tab

    18. Tinted Switch - will colorize the gradients in the data fields of Compass and Dashboard Tab

Waypoints Tab:

    19. Edit - allows deletion of waypoints

    20. Show - display waypoint in Map Tab

    21. Go To - display waypoint in Map Tab and sets it to current waypoint

Notify Tab:

    22. Address Book - allows you to pick an email from your existing address book

    23. Mail To Field - address to send your gps information to

    24. Mail From Field - return address for your email notification

    25. Send - sends the email notification

gpsPrime FAQ

Q: Why does the compass not indicate the direction I am facing?
A: On iPhone 3G devices gpsPrime does 100% of its calculations based on consecutive GPS coordinate readings. As soon as we get an iPhone 3Gs, we will release a version that supports the magnetic compass hardware. With the exception of the pure Longitude, Latitude, and Altitude, all other displays, especially the compass, require the unit to be in motion, and outside. Standing still, you will not see the compass move no matter how much you rotate the iPhone itself.

Q: Why do I not see anything in the data fields when I launch the app?
A: gpsPrime requires a decent GPS signal lock, with consecutive data. Displaying anything earlier would be misleading.

Q: I'm walking around my office, but gpsPrime isn't showing me any love.
A: gpsPrime requires a 'real' GPS signal lock. Apple did a great job approximating it with WiFi and Cell Tower magic, but it doesn't have the granularity for what gpsPrime is doing. Go outside in the fresh air and use it.

Q: Why do I see a progress spinner when I launch?
A: gpsPrime is acquiring the GPS signal from the iPhone. The same spinner occurs during the use of the built-in map.

Q: Why do I see a progress spinner after I have been using the app for a while?
A: gpsPrime has lost the GPS signal from the iPhone possibly due to obstruction of the sky.

Q: What does moving average mean?
A: gpsPrime's moving average takes a 30 sample slice, and averages those values. This is different than a plain average that is only reset via the reset button in the preference panel.

Q: Why does my speed not match my vehicles speedometer?
A: gpsPrime's distance calculations, and therefore speed calculations are based purely on longitude and latitude position changes. It does not take into account inclination and declination, and may be 'clipped' if traveling non linearly.

Q: How do I reset the odometer, trip timer or min/max/avg data fields?
A: via the 'Reset Trip' button mentioned above in the "30 second manual".